About Chronicles of Tamriel

From the team that produced the Battle for Badlands in Warhammer Online, the Telara Saga of RIFT, and the Great Tyrian Adventure of Guild Wars 2, comes the first season of Chronicles of Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online. This introductory public community event will take players on a 5-week journey across Tamriel rewarding them with achievements, epic loot, and raffle prizes.

Through the course of the event series we hope to explore some of the unknown chapters in the Elder Scrolls universe, while providing an entertaining 2 hour event to the Elder Scrolls Online Community. The event will focus on defeating world bosses and dark anchors with the occasional trip to a nearby skyshard. For participating in each event players will earn a raffle ticket for the grand prize raffle as well as an entry into the weekly and chapter raffles.

If the event is successful and players wish to continue, Chapter 2 will head to the Aldmeri Dominion to connect another piece of the puzzle. We hope that players enjoy this highly social event, and we welcome feedback on how we can improve the experience.

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Hosted by the Gaiscioch Community

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A 2-Hour Public Community Event hosted by the Gaiscioch Community for the players of Elder Scrolls Online. This event series will introduce content to players and also award raffle prizes for participating to random registered users.

  • The Adventure Begins:
    Apr. 19th, 2018 at 6PM PDT
  • Server: PC/MAC - North American
Created by the Gaiscioch Community

In Loving Memory of Scott "Paleus" Kingston (1967-2016)

Chronicles of Tamriel is a Public Community Event hosted by the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community for the Elder Scrolls Online Community. This event is not endorsed, nor organized by Zenimax Online Studios and is entirely created by fans of Elder Scrolls Online. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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